The Student Voice Project

Something I've been involved in this quarter is called the Student Voice Project. One of the advisors at the School of Art, Liz Copland, put this program together, and it brings together SoA students of different backgrounds and degree tracks, and challenges them to investigate the meaning and value of a creative education, through interviewing students and former alums. Because I've learned a bit about film and video editing through my time in the design program, I was recruited to help them learn the basics of Premiere Pro and After Effects. It's pretty cool to go from feeling like all you're ever doing is trying to learn and catching up, to being able to teach someone else the stuff you didn't think really understood. Here's a snap from a recent interview session that I got to sit in on. There are now about 6 students involved in it too, from all different majors!

2014-02-07 14.21.20.jpg