Arcade 30.3 Photography

Completed: Spring 2012
Client: Arcade Magazine
Advisors: Karen Cheng, Annabelle Gould
Role: Lead Photographer



Photographs for the cover and interior of the 30.3 issue of Arcade.

In the spring of 2012 I was asked by UW Design professors Karen Cheng and Annebelle Gould to help out with the 30.3 issue of Arcade Magazine. They were guest editing the issue, and were exploring topics around design education. Specifically, they asked me to photograph some of the design studio spaces on campus and shoot the cover of the magazine.


I photographed studio spaces in the UW Division of Design and College of Built Environments, including Landscape Architecture, Grad Architecture and the CBE Photo Studio.

For the cover image, I met with Karen and Annabelle one afternoon where we proceeded to partially eat several apples, and I photographed them for the cover. The apple they selected happened to be the one I had gnawed on! Below are some of the source images.