We Are The School of Art

Completed: Spring 2013
Course: Freelance / Independent Study
Advisors: Dominic Muren, Chris Ozubko
Individual Project



Tell one story about three tribes.

The School of Art, at the University of Washington, is home to three programs: Art, Art History and Design. These programs are, generally speaking, fairly separate. They use different spaces, have different faculty, and produce different types of students. I needed to somehow capture the experience of being a student at the School of Art in a way that would resonate with all students at the graduation ceremony.



Rather than think about how these programs were different, and what elements to highlight for each, I chose to focus on the ways they are alike. Students in all three disciplines pull long hours, work with their hands, care deeply about their education, and consume copious amounts of coffee and cliff bars. Thinking this way allowed the film to became a single story of shared experience, rather than a collection of separate ones.



Below I've included some screen shots to illustrate the themes touched on in the film, but you should really watch the movie!