Completed: Autumn 2012
Course: Foundations of IxD | DES 383
Advisor: Axel Roesler
Collaborators: Nick Stoermer, Willie Franklin, Dan Doan
Role: Concept and Problem Articulation, Interface Design, Motion Graphics and Post Production



Passwords suck. They're insecure, difficult to remember, and there are too many of them.

The current state of cloud computing is one many consumers don't fully grasp. Design a cloud based product that will improve people's lives and be easy to understand and use.


These days, a lot of a individuals data and the services they use are in the cloud, secured behind passwords. This means a person either has to recall dozens of passwords, or they use one password for all of their services. 


And if they want to use these services on more than once device, or a device they don't own, they need to log in to each service individually. 


Either way, not an ideal experience.What if everything (your apps, data and OS) were stored in the cloud and could allow any device, even those you don't own, to behave like it was yours?



Use your phone as the key to unlock any device around you, populating it with your content and apps.

Backpack is a cloud based password replacement platform that allows you to take your digital self with you at all times. Using the smartphone as a key, connected devices in your immediate environment can be unlocked and populated with all of your services connected and ready to go. No password needed. 


With a simple gestural interface, your phone and the proximity of the devices around you function as your authentication



A lot of our discussion centered around how using cloud services isn't a seamless experience. There's not always a strong feeling of control or ownership over access or content. We wanted to improve the sense of control and make it feel more tangible.

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