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"Let's solve this," my grandpa Al used to say to me. I spent a lot of time around him when I was a kid, growing up on Bells Beach, Whidbey Island. We always had a project going: designing and building a new seawall, dinghy dolly, or hard-point pulley system. Drawing on his experience as an engineer at Boeing, we always took the time to identify the problem, sketch out some possible solutions, pick the one we thought was best, and then test it out. I didn't know it then, but I was being exposed to, and using, the design process before I could drive a car. Grandpa Al definitely was a big part of why I became a designer.


I'm a Product Designer at Axon right now, leading design for our In-Car experiences including Axon Fleet. Before that I worked at Microsoft as a Product Designer on Outlook Web, and an Interaction designer on the Microsoft account management portal. I graduated from the University of Washington in June of 2014, with a BDes in Interaction Design, where I was recognized as the top student in my class. Before attending the UW, I worked as a freelance commercial photographer,  was a Pharmacy Technician for a while, and even sold Volkswagens for a few years. What excites me about design is making a difference in the physical world in a way that reaches beyond the screen, improves lives and connects people.


Outside of work my recent focus has been on renovating the 1950s house I bought with my fiancé in NW Seattle. When taking a break from that, you can find me hiking with my dog, skiing, cycling, rock climbing or doing something with a camera. I'm also passionate about craft brewed beer, growing veggies, all-wheel-drive, and the untapped culinary potential of the waffle iron.

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